Right about now, almost everything including custom hoodies has gone more expensive. The cost of living anywhere and everywhere in the world has considerably gone higher. The introduction of different technological advancements has added to the list of things needed to pay for. Best education requires a higher tuition fee, houses take years even decades to pay for, and even the most basic of needs like food and clothes have become costlier; this is why no one can blame people for trying to find ways to save as much money as they can. One of these ways is making your own clothes.

Sewing is one of life’s basic skills. So, if you know how to sew and make your own clothes, will it allow you to save more money for other things instead? The answer to that depends on your answers to the following:

  1. Are you good at it?

Obviously, you wouldn’t consider making your own clothes if you don’t know the first thing about sewing. While having this skill will enable you to repair some damages in your pre-made clothes, that doesn’t guarantee that you can actually make your own clothes or others’ clothes for that matter.

This is why you need to evaluate your skills. Can you actually make clothes decent enough to be worn in the presence of other people? Can you guarantee that the clothes you make are durable enough to withstand a number of washes? Remember that making clothes is different from having custom t-shirts made. With making clothes, you create everything from scratch. If your answer to the questions asked is yes, then you may proceed.

  1. Who are the clothes for?

You also have to consider whom the clothes are for. Making clothes for adults may not be the best way to save money. The materials you would need, like the fabric, will considerably be in huge sizes, which would mean that buying them all will already cost as much as buying already-made clothing apparel. However, if you’re making clothes for babies and kids, then you might actually save some of your finances. See, baby clothes are astonishingly as expensive as adult clothes, sometimes even more so. Moreover, they won’t be able to use these clothes for a long time as they tend to grow bigger fast. So, making their clothes from scratch can be more beneficial for you, money-wise.

  1. What kind of clothes do you buy?

Comparisons are important. Before you start making your own clothes, do think of the difference in the amount between the materials you’d need and the clothes that you actually buy. If you tend to buy branded clothes more often than not, then yes, making your own clothes will be cheaper for you. However, if you have the knack in finding good clothes on sale, then you don’t really need to make your own just to save money.

  1. Do you actually have the time for it?

This may be the most important thing to consider. Do you actually have the time to make your own clothes? Sewing just one piece of clothing will already take a lot of time. Imagine the amount of time you have to spend on making a whole wardrobe of clothes. Maybe that time is best spent on other more important things that will be more profitable for you.


Now, considering all these factors, you may decide whether making clothes is really worth your time, or just wisely buying them is more practical.

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