In Wellington New Zealand lies Gun City, a large retailer store that sells guns and accessories for shooting. Here you can find one Click resources list. If you want It was reported to have sold weapons to a man known as Brenton Tarrant. He was accused of shootings at 2 Christchurch mosques.

The incident left dozens injured and 51 people dead. 44 people were from Alnoor Mosque and 7 from the Linwood Islamic Centre. He was arrested at gunpoint after he was rammed by a police car while trying to escape. Arresting officers were local police who were attending their training session in Christchurch.

The seminar was about how to deal with armed offenders. In his car, were two other firearms. Police commissioner Mike Bush confirmed that the accused was on his way to attack a third mosque. According to the media, members of the community have been left in shock as the store plans to open a megastore.

  • Details of the proposed building

The proposed location is in the South Island City. Gun city Sockburn is meant to have 300 square meters of retail space, a warehouse, carpark and office. This prospect has left people mad says Radio New Zealand. It is scheduled to open in August.

On further investigation by Reuters, Gun City refused to comment immediately. Just 1 kilometer away from the site is the Rickarton Racecourse. The initial firearms buyback in Zealand was held on Saturday.

It was held 4 months following the worst mass shooting in the country. Brenton Tarrant is the accused who bought ammunition and four weapons from the store. David Tipple stated that he purchased them from December 2017 to March 2018.

  • New Zealand’s Government take on the issue

The terrorism threat level in New Zealand history was raised to high for the first time. Their gun reform law was passed in April by the House of Representatives by the government. It banned the supply and the use of some shotguns, parts that convert firearms to semiautomatic, semiautomatics and magazines of a specific capacity were banned.

Moreover, a compensation of NZ $ 208.000,000 has been offered to gun owners who choose to surrender these banned weapons. 607 collection points for gun owners to surrender banned firearms were set up in the country.

On Saturday the police got 224 firearms. There were 22 similar events lined up for the week. By December more than 100 thousand guns and accessories for shooting were collected.

  • Firearms statistics in New Zealand

According to Small Arms Survey, New Zealand is ranked 17th on the globe insofar as the number of weapons owned by civilians is concerned. The total population of New Zealand is under 5 million with 1.5 million firearms in the country. Military style Semi-Automatic was registered by 15,000 people. About 170,000 category-A semiautomatics are unregistered.


The accused has given a not guilty plea to 92 charges of the attack. He is due to stand for trial over the charges which includes the first terrorism charge in New Zealand. Tipple told Radio New Zealand that the megastore would introduce the concerned people with the advantages of firearms.

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