Welcome to Hill Place, Swanmore, a Georgian country villa set within 20 acres of parkland. The ideal venue for your exclusive use, wedding, house party or event.

Captain Roger Martin bought the tithing of Hill in 1753 from the neighboring Midlington estate with the money he gained on capturing two Spanish galleons in 1741. On his death, the estate passed to his niece and then to her son, Richard Goodlad. It is thought that the house was built by him with money made while working for the East India Company.

Hill Place first appears on maps in 1791 with Richard Goodlad returning from India and taking up residence by 1801. It appears to have significant influences of Sir John Soane and there are connections between the two families although proof that Sir John Soane actually designed the house has not yet been established. The estate then passed through several generations. In 1914 the estate (now totaling 1,059 acres and 10 properties) was broken up and sold.

The house, park, and model farm were bought by a Gosport property developer who maintained ownership from 1916 to 1977, albeit with two intervening sales of the house and park. An annex was added on the east side of the house in the early 1930s.

In 1977 the house and park were bought by Will’s grandfather. The model farm is now a thriving fruit farm, Hill Farm Orchards. Will and his wife, Rebecca now lives in the house with their two horses and two dogs.


Open by arrangement and for events.

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